Scholarship Committee

Log in to the AIHC Member Only Area to access a series of Scholarship One Pagers. Topics include:

  • Effective Scholarly Writing: Keys to Publication of Collaborative Research
  • Planning Professional Advancement/Promotion and Tenure
  • How to Write a Professional Profile To Showcase Interprofessional Work
  • Developing Collaboration in Interprofessional Education and Collaborative Practice
  • Incorporating an Interprofessional Health Experience During the Clinical Clerkship
  • Interprofessional Journal Editor Tips
  • Starting an IPE Student Interest Group

Scholarship Committee:  Community of practice to support generation of scholarship along the continuum; facilitate specific scholarly activities; promote and select national IPE awards

  1. Establish and document processes and procedures for the Committee that are consistent with Revised AIHC Process document - include setting staggered terms for first cohort of committee members
  2. Develop and implement programming to enhance AIHC visibility and membership engagement in scholarship through programming at Nexus Summit and Collaborating Across Borders conferences and in other venues
  3. Develop and deliver 2 webinars.
  4. Develop short-term and long-term plan to build and enhance a community of practice around IPE scholarship.
  5. Collaborate with other Committees to continue to develop and promote IPE Scholarship through awards, communications, and membership engagement.
  6. Communicate and represent AIHC scholarship efforts to external audiences.
  7. Evaluate effectiveness of LinkedIn AIHC Scholarship community toward meeting AIHC member needs; Identify alternatives as AIHC/National Center branding process is implemented.



Douglas Ander  
Genevieve Beaird  
Diane Bridges Chair
Tina Gunaldo Co-Chair
Barbara Head  
Gail Jensen  
Mandy Kirkpatrick  
Hannah Maxfield  
Devin Nickol  
Andrea Pfeifle  
Bethany Robertson  
Alexa Valentino  
Gabriela Wilson