Membership Committee

The Membership Committee is focused on the strategic recruitment and retention of individual and institutional members with commitment toward diversity of persons, professions, and partnerships.

  1. Through strategic recruitment, the Membership Committee identifies, develops, and coordinates outreach and marketing to attract and recruit new members at the professional, student, and institutional levels.
  2. Through strategic retention, the Membership Committee administratively coordinates new membership and renewal processes and list management.

The Membership Committee’s recruitment and retention strategies include two ongoing efforts: 1) identifying meaningful member-only benefits and 2) collaborating with other AIHC committees. These ongoing efforts create value-added resources and opportunities that support career development, professional networking, collaborative learning/practice communities, scholarship, and mentorship among AIHC members.



Angela Cecil Co-Chair
Amber King

Jim Ballard  
Erin Breitenbach Co-Chair
Kimberly Beran-Shepler  
Elizabeth Kalb  
Gina Baugh  
Sarah (Mandy) Reece  
Kelly Karpa  
Terri Fowler  
Dan Ferguson