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Interprofessional Collaboration Competency

International Interprofessional Collaboration Competency Working Group

The AIHC is collaborating with global partners through the International Interprofessional Collaboration Competency Group. The U.S. Committee will be responsible for bringing a U.S perspective to this effort, implementing the U.S. portion of data collection as the project progresses, engaging in joint analysis of the international data, and preparing and publishing reports from these efforts. 

BACKGROUND: In February 2010, the Canadian Interprofessional Health Collaborative (CIHC) released its National Competency Framework for Interprofessional Collaboration (IPC). This document was the work of a group of IPE experts across Canada to try to begin to provide a common language and understanding of Interprofessional Collaborative Practice for those who teach, practice, administer, regulate, or accredit individuals, programs, or institutions. The document provides a set of parameters (statements, descriptors, rationale etc.) to support those wishing to know when interprofessional collaboration at the practice level is present and how to guide its development in education programs at both the pre-licensure and post-licensure levels. Following a round-table discussion about the above framework at the international All Together Better Health V Conference in Sydney, Australia, an expression of interest in moving this work into an implementation and evaluation phase was expressed amongst international colleagues. As an outcome, a group from New Zealand, Australia, the U.S., the U.K. and Canada, with Canada serving as the host, has agreed to collaborate in moving this work forward. The need to have a common set of parameters across countries to determine best practices and  outcomes related to interprofessional collaborative practice underpins this work.

OVERVIEW: The overall goal of this work is to articulate what interprofessional collaborative practice is composed of, including: health professionals learning to practice it, educators needing to teach and measure its presence in learners, and provision of guidance to administrators to improve performance of it. Hence, the International Interprofessional Collaboration Competency Working Group hopes to be able to describe interprofessional collaborative practice in enough detail to allow for clarity of its meaning for the education, practice, and administration sectors of health systems as well as for health professional associations and organizations that assess and regulate professional practice.